Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fabulous FuzziBunz Testimonial

Wow - now we have been getting testimonials for ten years about how parents love love love their FuzziBunz, but I have to say I think this one takes the cake!  We are re-printing with permission this recent testimonial from a very happy mom and baby!  ---

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! Fuzzi Bunz have made such a huge difference in my daughter's and my life! She LOVES her Fuzzi Bunz! We just have a small stash and are still working on getting enough for a full days worth so we have to alternate between disposables and her Fuzzi's. Her mood immediately improves when she sees me pull a Fuzzi Bunz out of the drawer and start stuffing the insert in it! She is 5 months, has supper sensitive skin, and gets rashes on her lower back and upper thighs where the disposables touch at the edges, also the disposables make her little tush really red. So I had been looking into cloth diapers, and to be honest FuzziBunz wasn't a brand I had researched or even knew of (I am still new to the cloth diapering world, lol). So the story goes like this- I looked at BumGenius One Sized online and read reviews and all that good stuff and the next day I set out to The Littlest Birds (the only store anywhere around my area that sells anything other that Gerber prefolds) with one thing in mind, my daughters comfort! So I was on a mission to buy a BumGenius One Size Diaper. When I got there and gave the BumGenius a once over I saw these two hideous velcro tabs INSIDE the diaper at the back! Right beside the BumGenius diapers were the FuzziBuns, so I looked at them and saw that the inside is SUPER SOFT, the outside is flexible and silky soft, and there is absolutely NO VELCRO to be found!! Thank goodness I insist on checking every product out in person before buying it or I would have made a huge purchasing mistake! I brought her Daisies Lavender print Fuzzi Bunz straight home and tossed it in the wash, as soon as it dried I adjusted the legs and put it on her, by the time I changed her again the redness on her bottom was completely gone! And that was when I fell in love with Fuzzi Bunz! Also I gotta tell you how great the independent adjustments are for the legs and waist because my baby girl has full figured legs and they don't leave any red marks from rubbing or pinching her legs like disposables, and I am able to make the fit %100 custom (the elastic is at the 3 setting in the back of the legs and 2 in the front) the back is always where it wanted to gap on her with other diapers but pinch and pull on the front of her thigh. I have been telling everyone about Fuzzi Bunz and how amazing they are, also I have decided that Fuzzi Bunz is what I will be giving as baby shower gifts from now on! Oh and by the way- my baby girl had completely stopped taking naps when she was about 2 months old (unless we were driving, but she would wake up promptly when the car stopped) but sense we have started using Fuzzi Bunz she gets so comfy in them that she takes naps again!!!!! And if it wasn't for that, my mound of clean clothes that just needed folded and put away would still be growing :) !!"          

Do you have a testimonial you would like to share? Let us know why you love your FuziBunz.                                                                       
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  1. I'd like to write one! I should do it in my blog and link, though, right? I'd really wanted to cloth diaper with my 2nd baby, but when we got home from the hospital we tried prefolds and covers and it was just a God-awful mess. I didn't think I could do cloth if it took so much work (figuring out folds, etc), what with managing a 5 yr old, working from home and a new baby. If it wasn't for someone recommending FuzziBunz to us, I wouldn't be cloth diapering now. We've been going strong for 3 months now and I'd recommend it to everyone with a baby in diapers.

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  3. Great testimonial, what they don't tell you is that the adjustable elastic design was stolen from a work at home mom that has a patent pending on it. They also don't tell you that Terreson knows about it and has for a long time and dose not care. Its so nice to not come up with your own designs, first you stole the pocket diaper design then you steal the adjustable elastic deisgn, please tell us whos design and livelyhood are are you going to steal next?


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