Monday, November 16, 2009

2009 FuzziBunz Holiday Card Contest

We are happy to announce the FuzziBunz®Holiday Card Contest! This is a photo contest and the winning baby will be featured on our 2009 FuzziBunz® Holiday Card.

The winner will win a lifetime supply of FuzziBunz® diapers (12 One Size FuzziBunz) and will receive 36 Holiday Cards with your baby for your own personal use. The winner will also be spotlighted on our Blog and Facebook Page.

There will be 2 runners up, who will receive $40 in FuzziBunz® products.


  • Photo must feature a baby and FuzziBunz® diapers
  • Baby does not have to be wearing the diapers, but FuzziBunz® diapers must be featured in the photo
  • No visible toys/games in the background
  • Be creative with your location – as this photo will be featured on a holiday themed card
  • There is no limit in the amount of entries - you may submit as many pictures as you wish
  • Be aware of the lighting you use, we cannot use a picture that is poorly lit
  • Photos submitted must be your sole property and not the property of another photographer
  • You must enter through Facebook® – Photos submitted via email/mail will be disqualified
  • Once a winner is chosen, the winner must sign a waiver form to release the rights of the photo to FuzziBunz® and grant permission to use said photo on our Holiday Card.
  • By submitting photos for this contest, you give FuzziBunz® permission to use photo on our Blog, Facebook Page, and additional marketing materials.
  • This contest is open to US and Canadian Residents

FuzziBunz® staff will chose a winner based on creativity and originality.
The winner will be announced Wednesday, December 2, 2009

1- Grand Prize Winner - 12 FuzziBunz® One Size diapers (and free elastic replacements) as well as 36 Holiday Cards with your featured baby for sending to family and friends.

2- Runners Up - $40 in FuzziBunz® products

Eligible entries must be submitted to the FuzziBunz® Facebook Fan Page photo album by Monday, November 30th, 2009 at 7:00PM CT

Instructions for submission
1. Became a fan of FuzziBunz® on the FuzziBunz Facebook Page

2. Follow these instructions for submitting photos:

  • Click on this Photo Album Link

  • Click "Add Photos” button located at the upper left hand corner (underneath the “Fan Photos from FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers” heading)

    You now have 2 options : Upload new photos OR select photos already uploaded to Facebook

    1. Upload New Photos Option
    -Click “Upload Photos” Tab
    -Browse for picture on your computer and select upload 

  •             OR

              2.Add photos already uploaded on Facebook Option
              -Click “Add from my photos” Tab
              -Select the album in which your pictures are located
              -Select individual pictures you wish to submit

    We can't wait to see your babies in our FuzziBunz®
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