Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MailBox Monday

Hey all you Fuzzi Lovers!

Tereson has been sick so we were unable to film a video for our Mailbox Monday segment.  But don't fret - she has written the answers to the questions so you can get your juicy cloth diapering tips for the week!

Andrea said:
Did you have any other names in mind when you were looking to name your brand of diapers? (the name is so cute, by the way!)

Thank you very much, but I never had any other names in mind.  Things tend to just pop into my head so I can remember I was at my mom's house, I can remember what I was wearing and what I was doing when the name just popped into my head.  The reasoning behind that was because they are fuzzi, they are made of fleece, and they go on a baby's bottom, like bunz... I thought it was cute, everyone else agreed, so I just went with it and never considered any other name.

Kelly said:
What are the top three things I can do to ensure that my Fuzzi Bunz don't leak?

Excellent question, so happy to answer this one!  

1. Proper Laundering
Launder as it says on the care tag.  What is most important is to not use too much detergent. You need to use biodegradable  detergents or detergents that we recommend (**see list of recommended detergents at end of blog**) and have tested that will not put a lot of residue on your diapers.  If there is too much residue or too much perfume on the diapers, they will tend to start repelling liquid (urine) and they may leak.  Detergent choice is really important.

2.  Proper Fit
Please, always very important, do not be afraid to fasten the diaper snugly on your baby.  People tend to leave too much room in the leg area.  Fasten the leg snaps (the bottom row of snaps) first and make sure you have a very secure setting. Again, do not be too afraid to get a snug fit, it will not cut off circulation on your baby's legs, I promise you, but it will prevent leaking.

3.  Enough absorbency in pocket for time period
Make sure you have enough inserts in the pocket for the amount of time your baby will be in a diaper.  Some babies are heavy wetters, they drink a lot, they are on a fluid kick, they are nursing more than they did 3 months ago, etc., be sure to have enough inserts in the pocket.  Overnight, you might want to double up on the inserts.  Our inserts are very absorbent - they are 4 layers thick.  One insert will probably last 2.5 -3 hours, so if your baby sleeps all night, 2 inserts are recommended.  Also, remember to double stuff your pocket diapers if you will be out for a long period of time, or if you cant change right away, and you will be fine.  

**For mainstream store bought detergents stay away from dyes or perfumes - especially scents. This may interact with urine and cause a foul odor. Tide Free and Arm and Hammer Free are two that we recommend. Arm and Hammer would be my first choice since it does have the odor controlling power of Baking Soda. To be more environmental - and best ensure that you have a "residue free" diape - more "natural" brands of detergent are recommended. These are 7th Generation and Ecover. Both can be bought at any health food or Natural Grocer. For more specific "diaper recommended" detergents that can be bought through diaper retailers we recommend the number one brand that we put our name on Vaska for FuzziBunz® but Allen's Naturally,Charlies Soap, and Rockin Green Soap all work very well at preventing build up and keeping your diapers smelling clean.**

Again thank you to all who submitted questions.  If you would like to submit a question for MailBox Monday, click here!

You have all week to submit questions, one per week please!
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  1. Your link is missing under your response for "proper laundering" :(

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I fixed it :)


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