Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mailbox Monday Videos

Hey ya'll!!

I'm really exited for you all to see this video of Tereson answering MailBox Monday questions as she is on location in New Orleans! It looks like she had an amazing time at the Saints game!

This week's winners are:
Robin said...
What do you think is the biggest obstacle in getting the parenting masses to consider or convert to cloth?

Amy said... My girl is getting ready to start solids soon, meaning stinky poo! When we are out, there usually aren't good facilities for those of us who use cloth diapers (and I can't bring myself to dunk a diaper in a public toilet). Do you have any suggestions for minimizing the stink when carrying around dirty diapers?

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  2. Since it costs so much to educate; have you ever considered petitioning the government to fund your endeavours to educate people about this green alternative? Or have you considered approaching a TV Network about doing a special about cloth diapering? Truth be told; when I was pregnant, I hadn't even considered cloth diapering; until my husband who is environmentally concerned asked me to consider using them.

  3. I have heard that over time the inside of cloth diapers become acidic and can cause severe diaper rash. Has FuzziBunz found a way of preventing this problem or is it just a myth?

    NMsoccerchick12 at yahoo dot com

    Head on ovr and check it out

  5. I read that your diapers are changing things up and are being accepted at daycares. What sort of advocacy efforts have you made to help make this happen and are there any programs to help. I'd love to see this happen where I live since it seems to be the main thing holding a lot of moms back from using cloth.

  6. When I first stared using cloth diapers I was shocked at the initial cost. I understand the cost benefits in the long run and that helped to justify spending $300 at once for diapers.

    Can you break down the cost of making one FuzziBunz?

    deanna lou @ eagle energy inc . com

  7. I love this video! Thanks for helping to educate on the benefits of cloth. Keep up the great work!


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