Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let us know why you love your FuzziBunz®

Talk to us! We want to know why you love your FuzziBunz® !

Have FuzziBunz® changed your life?
Gotten you out of a sticky situation?
Whats your best FuzziBunz
® story?
Have you tried another brand only to switch back to FuzziBunz
Does your husband/mother/sister/babysitter prefer FuzziBunz
® to other brands?
Were you surprised by FuzziBunz

...if any of these apply to you, we want to hear it and SEE it! We are looking for your best stories and testimonials of FuzziBunz
®. Send your video (or YouTube link) or email testimonial (with a picture of your baby included) HERE.  Videos preferred!!

We can't wait to hear and SEE what you have to say!

Note: By sending your videos and emails, you consent to FuzziBunz
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  2. I love fuzzi bunz because The sizing if up to 40lbs with room to grow I have a big baby and happy they make a diaper for his size.....
    When there is a mess it so easy to spray off the mess...have never had a leak..
    the diape lasts for years more then one child for sure can use them,
    I myself also love fuzzi buns mama pads!!!!

  3. I love fuzzi bunz because I am using my mediums on the second child and they are still holding up! They are so soft and she never gets a rash when she wears them. Fuzzi bunz are all I recommend to friends who want quick and easy cloth diapering. Washing is a cinch when I can toss them in the wash and they only take about 1 hour to sundry (microfiber inserts take 2 hours). I also get fewer blow outs with fuzzi bunz than with disposable diapers.


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