Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Ideas for a Small Planet – Update

FuzziBunz was featured on the Sundance Channel's "Big Ideas for a Small Planet" on October 27.  It will be re-airing so check your local TV guide for times! We will be posting a clip of the show as soon as we get it.

Here are a few comments from Tereson on the FuzziBunz Eco Diaper that was mentioned in the episode:

First I have to say that that episode was filmed a year ago last October and was scheduled to air in April.  I was, and still am, patent pending on a pocket, polyester diaper that is biodegradable made from bio-plastics rather that petroleum based plastics. 

In my year of research, and successful research I might add, I have found that some issues with bio-plastics are not so favorable.  This was discouraging but also validating at the same time.

One thing that we all must consider when manufacturing, buying and using a product, is the manufacturing process that goes into that product.  Myself personally, as a business and eco-product producer, take that very seriously.  That is why I looked so heavily into the “eco-pocket-diaper.”  Why?  Because “organic cotton” has been the “eco” fabric of choice in diapers….until the pocket diaper came along with well…..different properties than cotton could provide.  

While this eco-diaper product can be produced, and may be produced for resale very soon, I have found through much debate and research, that what we are doing now, using virgin polyester to produce a product that is virtually indestructible (especially now with the One Size that has replacement parts)  is truly the greenest option. 

Yes, it is a petroleum based product.  Oil is going to be produced for quite some time.  Face the fact.  I want to see renewable energy just as much as the next green activist does.  But it is not happening today or tomorrow.  We can act today…..and plan for tomorrow.  Today, I am taking a by-product (fleece) of a product that is currently being made(oil) and making something useful and sustainable out of it. 

It is proven that polyester will last at LEAST 7 times longer than its cotton counterpart.  It needs less energy to wash, to dry, no bleaching, less detergent to get clean, and I could go on and on. 

FuzziBunz in their current form, is currently the greenest alternative.  We will continue to research, develop and plan for the future.  That is my job.  The search is not over.  I want to provide a product that LASTS!  Not something that you can use for 2-3 years and disintegrates and you have to buy and produce again. 

I am a huge frowner upon greenwashing.  I will not put a product on the market that I do not believe in, stand behind or trust for our environment.  But I will continue to innovate and move products and people to the next level….but only in a responsible way. 

Stay tuned.
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